14. 02. 2016

I almost didn't believe it but something is going on at the Sulpher headquarter...for 13 (!) years now we are waiting for a new Sulpher album and I really believe that our hope is not in vain this time. After all the announcements in 2012 didn't came true, even the official website didn't exist anymore I really lost all my hope that there would EVER be a new Sulpher record. But now it seems that they REALLY want to release something...

They introduced a new bass player -Davey Bennet- since Mud started his own project -if you're interested check out Tim Muddiman & The Strange.

They posted a lot of hints on their social of Rob mixing new songs, a new design for a shirt saying Buried Forever But I'm Too Cold To Die and even a tweet, that they shot a new video in January...

I am pretty excited about all these let's hope it was woth the wait!

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