Rob and Monti met while touring through the US as live members of the British band Curve. With the same musical interests and influences they started working together on new music as soon as they returned from their tour. Inspired by bands like Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson as well as electronic bands such as Curve and The Prodigy, Sulpher are an absolute must for fans of industrial alternative rock. But most of all they are an outstanding live band. They toured throughout Germany in 2002 at various festivals, as special guests of The 69 Eyes and 2003 as support of The Sisters of Mercy. Sulpher also didn't fail to convince 12,000 people of their live qualities in support of Marilyn Manson.

Sulpher was started by Rob and Monti 1999, early 2000. They released their debut record Spray in 2002.

At the moment the band is working on their next album.

The current band members are Rob Holliday (singing/guitar), Monti (drums/programming), Andy Spillane (guitar) and Davey Bennet (bass).


Monti Rob Andy Davey